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Stewardship update!


Dear Faith Family:
It is the goal and calling of our church leadership and congregation to become more faithful people of faith. A part of that calling includes actions of caring for our neighbors, the community, the stranger, the disenfranchised, the least of these.

FAITH Presbyterian Church can answer that calling as a caring, worshipping and nurturing community, moving FORWARD TOGETHER in FAITH, love, compassion and great dedication to service.

As STEWARDSHIP Chairperson, allow me to share the many ways our church is making a difference to our congregation and to the community. Our Live Streaming of worship services reaches our Indian land community and far beyond. Our congregation demonstrates compassion, shares God's love and nurtures our church community with prayer shawls, by contacting members through the phone tree, through our youth group, hymns and prayer time, several virtual Bible studies, and VBS (both in-person and at home). We support food drives (with another one scheduled for August 31), our brand new Little Free Food Pantry, our local food bank, and we help community families with Fifth Sunday Offerings and world-wide families with our Dimes for Hunger.

This is possible through God's grace and the faithful efforts and generous giving of our church family. Thank you to our congregation and their continued support. Our ministries continue to change and evolve; the goal of this Stewardship campaign is a 6.6% increase over the 2020 budget of $306,000. I am asking for your prayerful consideration of how God might allow you to help us reach that goal.

In weeks to come, you will hear more about pledging your time, talents and treasure to God's work at Faith church during the next year.

God Bless You All

Pam Stephens
Stewardship Chairperson

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